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The MidiBox for Vans

The MidiBox was developed for the Toyota Proace Verso and is suitable for vehicles that are slightly more compact than a Volkswagen Bus but offer significantly more interior space than a high roof van. With a few simple steps, the vans can be turned into a camper. For this purpose, the MidiBox is simply placed in the trunk and everything essential for the journey is on board: bed, kitchen, water supply and storage space.

The complete system is a compact unit. So you can not forget anything and the installation is done in a minute. The kitchen is ready to use in a few seconds and the comfortable bed folded out with one hand. So you can fully enjoy the holiday and travel relaxed and flexible.

2-burner stove with wind protection

10 cm thick cold
foam mattress

In seconds, the bed is unfolded and put on the backrest of the rear seat

Alternatively, the folding bed stands on the integrated folding legs

The complete system is a compact unit without loose items

The box is fixed with a straps that hold 500 kg each

The stove is not permanently installed and can be taken out of the drawer, the canisters can be easily removed and filled

The Toyota Germany Video shows the MidiBox and other accessories in use